Paragraph Punch 4.2

Paragraph Punch 4.2: Paragraph Punch helps students learn how to write an effective paragraph. students develop their paragraph writing skills. Students learn how to write an effective paragraph-through reason, detail, sequence, example, and cause and effects. Choosing from a menu of topics, students develop an idea, and write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. Program prompts guide students step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing. Students` completed paragraphs can be transferred

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Student`s EduWeb 2.1

students` learning. It`s a simple case of automating for the sake of automating. Instead of automating, we should be informating in schools. To do this, intranet development in schools should be driven and owned by the students and that`s where Students` EduWeb comes in. It does the automating so the students can get on with the informating. In a nutshell, EduWeb takes all the legwork out of developing a student-centered intranet. In a typical school

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StudyX 6.0.0: The best flash card maker for memorization. Makes studying easy. Any subject.
StudyX 6.0.0

This flash card maker makes is amazing! StudyX is the first general-purpose study software designed to help students (elementary to graduate) learn facts faster, retain them longer, and have more fun while studying! The program includes built-in material students might be studying, or allows students or teachers to enter their own in a question/answer format. Students then “study” by playing games.

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Reading Buddy 2.0 2.0: RB 2.0 students learn 6 basic rules and read 1000+ English words in months.
Reading Buddy 2.0 2.0

Reading Buddy 2.0 enables homeschooled students to master a set of 6 universal rules that govern how English words are read. With almost no memorization, students learn to read and to spell more than 1050 of the most common English words. This remarkable reading feat exceeds the vocabulary of most second graders. When reading readiness has been verified, most students will reliably be able to learn to read within a matter of months.

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Reading Comprehension Booster 1.00: Interactive software that helps students improve reading comprehension.
Reading Comprehension Booster 1.00

Reading Comprehension Booster helps students sharpen their critical thinking skills. Students work with exercises to determine main idea, make inferences and draw conclusions. Assessments place students in appropriate units of instruction. Students advance as they demonstrate readiness. Student scores are kept in a management system that allows teachers and tutors to view and print reports. Designed for ages 8 and up.

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Pathogen Roleplay Wizard 1.04

students solve your problems (riddles?) to operate the Crasnar and open locks, doors, strange artifacts. If you are in love with the idea of educational gaming, with students ENJOYING learning your subject matter, with sitting back and watching your students get heavily involved in problem-solving, the Pathogen Roleplay Wizard is your software! Pair students up at each computer station or have them fly solo. Your call. You can even use a smartboard

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Grades for Students 4.2: Keep track of your assignments, courses, etc using a familiar interface
Grades for Students 4.2

An easy to use program that allows students to keep track of their course grades, teachers, assignments, test scores, number of credits, and calculates overall GPA. Grades for Students supports assignment reminder functionality, assignment weighting, and includes the unique Grade Predictor feature which can help a student determine what their final course grade might be. Grades for Students is suitable for all education levels.

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